Well, actually 8:30 to 4:30, but you get the point. Sly has a job. It pays, and the coworkers are great…the office may be closing early on Wednesday so that we can go and protest Bush up in New London.

Team awesome, reporting for duty.

I know the FFF thing is going around, but my brain is sick of it. 99% of what needed to be said was said in the first 5 minutes. The rest of it has been blogular inflation. Sad to see Jessica talk about nubian’s interview thread at feministing as ‘that insanity’ when it was a major catalyst in her leaving, tho. Boo on that. Unmoderated threads are not neutral. They are a statement of who is welcome. If it shows up on your domain…you’re responsible for what you do with it.

I know you didn’t write it yourself, but if you consent to leave that material up with our mercilessly mocking the racist fuckery that it is…silence gets read. And it ain’t exactly honest to claim that it’s a surprise that silence gets read. If a dude doesn’t interrupt and confront a rape joke…that has implications about his feminism.

I’ve got a couple stories in the pipe…a piece on salon with some MN connections, and the payola slime of the Big Pharma. We’ll see when i get back around to that.