As we passed the White House, i says to the SO, I says…

“He’s not there, is he?”


“No reason to waste a perfectly good middle finger disrespecting a building then, is there?”

Well, do you know which way Crawford is?

And thus concludes a piece of sly theater.

We’re in DC for the weekend, after driving down this morning at the crack ass of dawn. Some traffic, but not fatal. The other way looked mean through Baltimore, so i hope that will be reversed. I shall be slightly concerned about the condition of the Jersey Turnpike, as well. But no matter. I shall be at the National Cathedral for Pentecost, and hanging out in the city for a good part of the day. Had an excellent dinner with my great uncle and aunt, and looking forward to a fun weekend.

It’s also kind of a wonder how fast I can read when I’m not in school and feeling burnt out. Perhaps i shall actually get caught up with my “reading supplementals” list as it is known in my notes.

It would be the first time.

Mon dieu!