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Honestly, i hadn’t quite intended to try to score a link on twisty’s marriage post. i read, but i have since blowjob wars, kept myself comment free there. not because there is nothing to say, but on account of my dudeness. it strikes me that my musings may be less than productive there.

nor did i intend to give the impression that my sole reaction to that post was on those grounds. but having just seen the NRA statement, it was hard not to notice that language. i shouldn’t have to say it’s not idle wording, that people have been called such names, and that the radical dehumanization of a class of people subjects them to dangerous maltreatment from the hands of society, government, and the medical establishment. I mean, i really shouldn’t have to tell twisty’s readership that.

she’s right of course. it is, shall we say, difficult to separate out whatever might be a loving relationship between equals and the contract law of interpersonal relationships in the age of dominion. My recent trip to the Christian book aisle of Walmart gave new gut cringing evidence to the same…don’t ask.

But taking out a practicioner of those gut cringing relations aesthetics doesn’t seem to be worth the time of a theorist. Which maybe Twisty ain’t. But there’s no thick description, no entertainment of this system’s own premises in order to hang it…

Just a slur.

And there’s not much I can do about that.

Except lump Twisty in with our good friend, Wayne.

And i can’t say I wasn’t entertained in doing so.