Sly is in pain, folks. Something is pretty seriously haywire with my neck…so there are gonna be more docs today, and hopefully we’ll get this all sorted out.

In the meantime, queer moments of what the fuckery up next.

From the coverage on Michael Glatze, a newly minted ex-gay…and former leader of YGA:

On the other hand, perhaps Glatze was never gay to begin with. Sexual orientation can be a confusing thing and it is certainly something that a person has no immediate control over. Perhaps Glatze was confused and was straight the entire time.

That’s Matt Comer, which Pam links to at the Blend.

Say what? Perhaps he was *really* straight the entire time? What a miracle! I just don’t get the idea of this external object to the self, “orientation” that is entirely immutable but can be acted against. He can be straight and have lots of gay sex….or he can really be gay and now is in self-denial. How about psychological drive to be in self-denial, or a sub culture? Maybe gay got too common, and he needed to take another step outside the mainstream? I have no idea, and these guesses make about as much sense as saying he was *really* straight. So what gives. Why are we still locked in an immutable binary of a sexual orientation that cannot be chosen in any way shape or form?

The other note I’ll make is that several comments on this article focus in on Michael noting that anal sex gave him intestinal cramps. The snark boils down to: you’re doing it wrong. Which, while a nice barb of liberals have better sex, is largely unwarranted. It happens. It’s not a sign from God to stop doing dudes, and it’s not proof that you’re incompetent at sex.

And in Liberals Gone Wrong, part five trillion and three…

..Y’know, one of my very, very gay women friends wrote me an email and said Honey, let me just explain something to you. When transsexual, when…when they’re going through the…the…the transgender op…they infuse the man with the female hormones, and they go wack-a-doodle on you. And, ah, Ann [Coulter] is obviously getting the hormones…big doses. That’s why she’s so bizarre right now.

That’s at Randi Rhodes of Air America.

Story at Transadvocate, with a hat tip to Autumn at the Blend.

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