Well, I could. But I won’t.

The 8 Things Meme went around, and i got tagged. Twice.

Still failed.

Without further ado…

1. I love thunderstorms. The wilder the weather, the better.
2. Podiums are my friend, because that way you can’t see the leg shake I get, even though i love public speaking.
3. I despise Adam Sandler with all my soul. I’m not even sure why.
4. I’m a museum junkie. I use the floor maps as posters in my room, and a Modigliani is over my bed. My ex-boyfriend was a little skeeved by it. The SO compares herself to it. I just think it’s beautiful composition.
5. I have served Holy Communion while in bare feet.
6. I am beginning to grow into some of the vegetables and foods that my parents swore I would like someday. This vaguely unsettles me, even if they are tasty.
7. I have been on the floor of the US Senate while it was in session.
8. I go house shopping online when I miss the Twin Cities.

I think I’ve seen pretty much everyone on my RSS feed do this already, so I’ll pass on further tagging. Unless you’ve been waiting to get tagged. Then you should do this. It was actually vaguely fun, and distracted me from another “let’s call someone crazy” outbreak.