I could go an quote the whole thing, but really.

The link is at http://blog.canigetawhatwhat.com/2007/09/01/antifeministwatch-2007-ana-marie-cox/ if you care to follow it, I’m sure you’re all bright enough to blame the correct parties and change that one around. I’d do a ref no follow, but i forgot how to turn off trackbacks, and i don’t care to get half of twistydom rolling in here like I got last time. The stats are good for my ego and bad for my soul.

It’s funny, I tell you. Not only funny, but feminist. It is liberating to women to mock a woman for doing “empowerful” things like flirting with a camera.

This is because if a woman ever acts in a congruity with perceived stereotypes, that is “fun feminism.” And Fun Feminism is wrong. Very wrong. So wrong, in fact, that it is entirely justified to cast them deeper into the pit from which they came.

But Twisty is a serious feminist. Who just happens to be funny, not fun.

Also, Wonkette is an ass slut and an enemy to the revolution.

Twisty Faster Is A Serious Feminst.  This is a serious post.