Today, a small town is being filled with witnesses who are there in body and spirit to see and to say the truth.

I cannot be there in person, but I feel the need to remind myself that the world of Jena is the same world that I inhabit.

Jena is not a southern thing. It is not a small town thing. It is not an accident. It is not an aberration. It is not anything other than the status quo, the enactment of racism through law.

Mychal Bell is one more in a long line of black men who have been sacrificed to our sense of law and order, caught up by a system of gesture, code, and power that enforces apartheid. From the Scottsboro boys, to Amadou Diallo, to Rodney King, to criminalization of poverty and addiction…

We are living in such world as Jena, where the codes are as strict as they are unwritten.

We must free the Jena Six.

Justice, and only justice.