An open letter to the Most Reverend Katherine Jefferts-Schori:

I have come to understand that your grace has authorized a settlement by which the ECUSA is to stay in the global communion. While every Christian should hark to hear unity preached among us, I am concerned as to the cost. Specifically, the provision that will be no more queer bishops. This cannot be seen as anything but a retreat. But surely, your grace managed to get a concession that the opposition would cease their dehumanizations?

Your grace would surely avoid the folly of handing over moral authority to a group that has shown no caution for our dignity or even our lives. It is imaginable to me to be forced to discuss my adoption by God as if it is a thing to be debated. Foolish and ignorant of God, but imaginable nonetheless. The world has often doubted the grace of the Almighty. But the image of God is something else entirely. If we must debate whether or not we deserve to be, then we have sat down for dinner with wolves.

Can we indeed talk when the conversation is about the “manner” of our lives? In British euphemism, I fear we have lost the ability to actually speak of ourselves. Once we have conceded that it is a mere matter of personal habit, we have admitted that our race was in vain. The phrase defines our cause as subordinate. All the while, the schismatics press forward with a strange and alien notion of polity. The innovation of wandering bishops is far more poisonous than any scandal.

Finally, your grace, I plead to you that you have made an intolerable compromise. Indeed, your grace, I believe that your manner of life may be unsettling to the broader communion. You see, rumor has it that your grace is a woman.

In Christ,