October 2007

Sly Civilian, you have a knack for entering a discussion in such a way that—regardless of the validity of your point—you instantly piss everyone off and make them not want to engage with you. I’m not saying you aren’t entitled to your indignation. I’m just saying that it’s not getting you very far.

-Lizard, QotD, Shakesville

This is a statement which is of the type often called concern trolling. It presents itself as interested in the reception of your argument, but asks you to gut major portions of it so that it might be better appreciated by those who oppose you.

It’s a funny thing, really.

I don’t know what to make of it. Honestly, i know i’m a bit of an ass. But this stuff goes on day in and day out, and I’m pretty much out of fresh ideas. Bomb throwing seems like a pretty reasonable choice at the moment. And i’ll be joining a legion of kickass folks who have been told that they should stop being so strident, angry, confrontational, and so on.

Most of the time, even on queer stuff, i manage not to get this reaction. What is it about my relationship with disabilities activism that manages to make this sort of thing happen? Does my tone change that much? Is it my audience?

I’m not out to ban the word “crazy.” But this, like other things i’ve pissed and moaned about, conjures up particular images of mental illness to do it’s work. Kucinich doesn’t care if Bush gets “care.” He wants him out of power. And speech like this has an effect. Not on the targets, hardly ever. It’s the spill over, to the point that mental illness and political power are held not to be unrelated terms, but a contradiction.

Remember that study about how “crazy folks like Bush” that didn’t factor in incumbancy bias on a population that is held in restrictive settings and used a tiny little sample size unworthy of the name?

Some of the most common comment at liberal blogs were the expression of surprise that they “let” us vote.

Fuck it.

I’m gonna be angry. I’ll figure out that effective thing later, ’cause right now is my time to burn.



The Discrimination Bunny!

Don’t you worry, it won’t stop.

Off of the gross story where a dude has bought his 15 minutes of sexist fame by suing a woman who won’t sleep with him for agism

We get a reprise of the disabled people and sex workers story:

“First of all, autism does make you not the same as people without autism. That’s a fact. That’s why there’s a special name for it.”

Oh. Snap. I almost forgot that some people are “special.”

Now, autism and Asperger’s hurt the ability to learn *social skills*.

Am I an anti-Aspie bigot because I’d rather lose my virginity in a loving relationship than with some guy who can’t even be my friend let alone my lover?

Meanwhile, will George feel entitled to a taxi-driving job if he loses his eyesight too?


Uh…ablist says whaaaaat?

Oh, it’s on.

Mina, you’re not an an anti-Aspie bigot because you’d “rather lose [your] virginity in a loving relationship than with some guy who can’t even be my friend let alone my lover”. You’re an anti-Aspie bigot for believing that Asperger’s makes it impossible for a person to be a real friend. It is challenging for Aspies to build friendships not because we don’t truly care about and love other people but because we communicate in different ways from neurotypicals and neurotypicals, smug and secure in your notion that we are diseased and challenged, refuse to meet us half way.

Was George’s comment indicative of some degree of male privilege? It’s hard for me to judge since I can’t access the link (thanks to China’ Great Firewall) for context, but statements such as his often are. However, I really wish that feminists could refrain from making these sort of gross, inaccurate generalizations about those of us on the autistic spectrum. Please educate yourself and stop making autistic women feel as out of place in feminist space as we often do in Aspie space.

That’s from ekswitaj. She pretty much has this mina character dead to rights. It’s just plan sloppy ass thinking going on here, but she seems willing to give mina some level of reasonable doubt.

Not I. I’ve got a bad feeling on this one, and i think you’ll agree.

Mina’s response…

I don’t believe Asperger’s makes everyone with it impossible for a person to be a real friend. Remember, “some guy” doesn’t mean “everyone with [insert name of condition].” 😉

So she wasn’t slurring everyone on the autism spectrum, just *most* of them. Oh, well in that case…that’s awesome. Smilies!

I’m sorry this was so quote heavy, but it’s the best sad laugh i’ve had all week. How many different ways can a person express their contempt for people unlike themselves in the space of a feministing discussion thread?

Keep counting, because folks like mina rarely stop.


Edit: She didn’t stop. Apparently, those damn immigrants who speak different need to know their place too. Wow.

It also reminded me of the way my mother assumed not sharing a native language with me was a substitute for actually getting the words right when she wanted me to do chores (for example, as if I should have raked the leaves and done the dishes when she told me “sweep the floors”).

Am I slurring all or most ESL speakers if I’d rather get clear instructions at work than have some boss who wants me to do something and can’t pick the right words for that something?

Remember, “clear instructions at work” doesn’t exclude all instructions from ESL-speaking managers and “some boss who wants me to do something and can’t pick the right words for that something” doesn’t include all ESL-speaking managers. It’s the same way “a loving relationship” doesn’t exclude all relationships with Aspies 🙂 and “some guy who can’t even be my friend let alone my lover” doesn’t include all Aspies.

does anyone remember the story where a woman was basically forced to drop charges or else the judge was going to notify immigration?

i think it was this summer.

if anyone has links, etc…

that’d be great.

if this is a mirage of my memory…

oh well.

The latest gut cringing story is of a high school student whose wrist was broken by a security guard…a tale complete with the assault of those who dared record such an event, and the retaliatory firing of the mother who presumed to complain about such a thing. Oh, and racial slurs. You just can’t have a good brutality party without those.

Prof. Black Woman and a bunch of other folks have covered this, so i’m just going to note a comment I saw.

“Bob” reminds us:

“No mention of the food fight that started it?”

Ah, yes. The food fight that started it. Now, I didn’t see it on the video, but let me pause to reflect here for a moment.

Would having a food fight justify breaking someone’s wrist?

In what world do we live in that someone would presume that it would?

How is the first answer linked to the first by racism?

Justification has become a slippery thing these days. We are so used to the system of control that we don’t register shock at the disproportionality of it all. We are beginning to internalize the sense that not only *will* the police, military, security forces overreact…but that inevitability slides into justification.

This ain’t right. It still wouldn’t be right if they had put the entire cake over the principal’s head. But watch them try to justify it anyhow.


PS: I just got a comment from Matthew Israel, the head of the Judge Rotenberg Center. It’s gonna take some time, but it’s heinous in the first degree. Thank goodness it looks like he’s just spamming blogs that he’s googled for his own name…i’m so glad to have a chance to dismiss his counterargument.