The latest gut cringing story is of a high school student whose wrist was broken by a security guard…a tale complete with the assault of those who dared record such an event, and the retaliatory firing of the mother who presumed to complain about such a thing. Oh, and racial slurs. You just can’t have a good brutality party without those.

Prof. Black Woman and a bunch of other folks have covered this, so i’m just going to note a comment I saw.

“Bob” reminds us:

“No mention of the food fight that started it?”

Ah, yes. The food fight that started it. Now, I didn’t see it on the video, but let me pause to reflect here for a moment.

Would having a food fight justify breaking someone’s wrist?

In what world do we live in that someone would presume that it would?

How is the first answer linked to the first by racism?

Justification has become a slippery thing these days. We are so used to the system of control that we don’t register shock at the disproportionality of it all. We are beginning to internalize the sense that not only *will* the police, military, security forces overreact…but that inevitability slides into justification.

This ain’t right. It still wouldn’t be right if they had put the entire cake over the principal’s head. But watch them try to justify it anyhow.


PS: I just got a comment from Matthew Israel, the head of the Judge Rotenberg Center. It’s gonna take some time, but it’s heinous in the first degree. Thank goodness it looks like he’s just spamming blogs that he’s googled for his own name…i’m so glad to have a chance to dismiss his counterargument.