The beeb reports today that researchers have found the problem for why oil is expensive and food is scarce.

No, it’s not global capitolism run amok. Or even bio-fuel schemes that reap huge profits for agri-business.

It’s fatties.

My shorter reaction.

Fuck you!

My longer reaction.

Health is not just a weight issue, or even primarily so. Health is a race issue, a class issue, and a deliberate choice about the way we decided to build cities. Let’s talk about these things…let’s talk about the way the greens and the fruits at the bodega are still expensive but hardly fresh, let’s talk about how superfund sites just happen to concentrate in poor areas, let’s talk about the highways that paved over livable neighborhoods, and how these places still don’t have green space, made dangerous by a lethal cocktail of poverty and neglect.

And then…

Only then…

Will such “researchers” learn that what they do is worthless self-promotion.