September 2008

Anonymity has a lot of different effects, and most of it depends on where you’re standing.

For Delgado Cero, it’s lifeblood. I don’t think anyone could doubt that the continued existence of EZLN and their struggle depends on a carefully guarded and secretive leader.

But that same concern of “privacy” looks a whole lot different when it’s Bushies claiming that they have the right to operate the goverance of a democracy without any fucking oversight.

That’s why I posted “docs.” Sure enough, as i guessed, anonymous delivered.

Sarah Palin, taking a page out of the Rovian handbook, decided to use Yahoo to conduct the business of the state of Alaska. For Bush and Cheney, the appeal of such moves (they at least had the brains to use RNC servers which are slightly more secure) is to hide their actions from any potential review. It makes the use and abuse of power easier, since you know your communication can’t be reviewed.

Oddly enough, in order to gain this “privacy” to use the power of the government as she personally saw fit, she put valuable information within the reach of those who are, shall we say….chaotic neutral.

We have a choice. We can insist transparency, that the secrets of the government are best protected by archived servers that will allow for total accountability…

Or we can allow our leaders to continue to rely on obscurity for security and do things like use yahoo for government business, exposing their machinations not to the people at large, but a select few that dare to break in and get them.

Whether she knew it or not, Palin did something incredibly reckless and dumb.

My hope is that something exposed in this leak helps bury her rise to power, and the idea that archived government email isn’t a requirement of a truly free state.

After all we know, do we really believe that we can allow any government to operate without total review of what they’re doing? We need to turn the surveillance state back on itself.



So, it turns out that Palin uses yahoo email to conduct the business of the state of Alaska.

Docs.  You need moar of them

Just sayin.


I keep hoping that I’ll shake free of the writer’s block that keeps gripping me. it doesn’t happen.

Since i left academia, i feel like the ideas are drying up even more that i could have guessed they would. which is honestly more disturbing that just being writer’s block. i’d hate to think i was dependent on that kind of thing for my ideas.

part of it is the sense of reaction, that i was constantly being expected to respond to nearly everything that came across my path. at a certain point, though, it started to feel awfully rote. I was writing stuff that would have been really good, if it was the first time that i’d written it. But instead, it was in perpetual rehash, a stuck note in my understanding.

another part is that i’m getting shy again. i’m not sure that it comes across in my online persona much, but in person, i am painfully shy, but trapped with the social needs of an extrovert.

i recall staying the night at a friend’s house once…because i’d had too much to drive home. she went off with her boy after they walked me to her place and i woke up the next morning, and for a moment, i felt amazing. the rain was coming down, i was in a good friend’s bed. i felt the cool air around me, the smell of the rain, and the indescribable joy of simply having the hospitality of amazing person i really admired.

it didn’t take long for the anxiety to kick in. that strange grace of knowing that i was a trusted and appricated friend vanished into a baseless paralysis. i stayed, trapped in her room, not making a sound because i couldn’t imagine actually talking to her house mates as i left…even though i knew both of them.

i ended up leaving the keys on the counter after waiting for 4 hours for them to leave…and locking the door. Yeah. So caught up in avoiding human contact that i’d completely forgotten that i was locking my friend out of her own house. when she called to pick up her keys, she was….surprised…to hear that i’d managed to do this. to this day, i’m not quite sure what she made of it.

it’s strange living like this…and i’m incredibly grateful for the friends who humor my oddities.

it’s just been making it very hard to write lately…but i am trying. i can’t tell if my academic ennui is real, if i truly am writing the same things over and over again…but i sure am paranoid that’s what’s happening.

i need to find something very different to write about for a change. ideas, anyone?


Just wanted to write on this one real quick…a rumor that blackwater was operating in saint paul for the RNC.

I won’t say for sure that they weren’t, but i strongly, strongly doubt it.

Yes, the number only riot gear cops are intimidating, but let’s face it. They have ID numbers on their helmets. That’s #7 on the top ten list of things Blackwater would never do. It’s a pale and empty nod to the St. Paul policy of handing out ID cards that have names and badge numbers to any citizen who complains.

Also true, that in the afternoons and evenings, there were spotters on the bridges leading into town from both north and south. I’m not sure who’s they were…my best info says they were Ramsey Cty Sheriffs. Fletcher, the idiot in charge of them, is dangerous in his own right…but is more penny-ante dictator than true fascist. Ham handed voter suppression and money laundering is actually more his style.

What happened over the last few days was in many ways wrong, and we’re going to be working for a long time to right things.

But i think it’s important to keep some perspective on what did and did not happen.

Blackwater is an unlikely story.

The truth was bad enough.


ps: photo credit to nezua

The Church in Saint Paul by The House of Mercy Band

Last Sunday was the last service of the House of Mercy in the historic First Baptist Church…a place that I had found as a home. It was a heavily emotional service, a farewell that I was simply not ready to bid. The change of homes reflects a change in denominations, throwing a serious wrench into my potential plans to be ordained. It’ll be Mister Civilian for some time, it looks like.

As usual, scribbled on the program with notes for sermons I wish I had the time to finish, and thought about what God is calling me to do in response to the grace I have known.

As we left, we brought our hymnals out to the moving van, and the police state came riding by, a troop of cops on bikes, apparently making their heavy presence known in advance. It felt profane.

I mutter under my breath…

“Render unto Caesar…”

And I realized that I probably had. If you give them your trust, you owe them your obedience.