The Church in Saint Paul by The House of Mercy Band

Last Sunday was the last service of the House of Mercy in the historic First Baptist Church…a place that I had found as a home. It was a heavily emotional service, a farewell that I was simply not ready to bid. The change of homes reflects a change in denominations, throwing a serious wrench into my potential plans to be ordained. It’ll be Mister Civilian for some time, it looks like.

As usual, scribbled on the program with notes for sermons I wish I had the time to finish, and thought about what God is calling me to do in response to the grace I have known.

As we left, we brought our hymnals out to the moving van, and the police state came riding by, a troop of cops on bikes, apparently making their heavy presence known in advance. It felt profane.

I mutter under my breath…

“Render unto Caesar…”

And I realized that I probably had. If you give them your trust, you owe them your obedience.