Anonymity has a lot of different effects, and most of it depends on where you’re standing.

For Delgado Cero, it’s lifeblood. I don’t think anyone could doubt that the continued existence of EZLN and their struggle depends on a carefully guarded and secretive leader.

But that same concern of “privacy” looks a whole lot different when it’s Bushies claiming that they have the right to operate the goverance of a democracy without any fucking oversight.

That’s why I posted “docs.” Sure enough, as i guessed, anonymous delivered.

Sarah Palin, taking a page out of the Rovian handbook, decided to use Yahoo to conduct the business of the state of Alaska. For Bush and Cheney, the appeal of such moves (they at least had the brains to use RNC servers which are slightly more secure) is to hide their actions from any potential review. It makes the use and abuse of power easier, since you know your communication can’t be reviewed.

Oddly enough, in order to gain this “privacy” to use the power of the government as she personally saw fit, she put valuable information within the reach of those who are, shall we say….chaotic neutral.

We have a choice. We can insist transparency, that the secrets of the government are best protected by archived servers that will allow for total accountability…

Or we can allow our leaders to continue to rely on obscurity for security and do things like use yahoo for government business, exposing their machinations not to the people at large, but a select few that dare to break in and get them.

Whether she knew it or not, Palin did something incredibly reckless and dumb.

My hope is that something exposed in this leak helps bury her rise to power, and the idea that archived government email isn’t a requirement of a truly free state.

After all we know, do we really believe that we can allow any government to operate without total review of what they’re doing? We need to turn the surveillance state back on itself.