Both in light of many recent dustups and as a long term explanatory moment, I offer the following.

My blogroll is an rough approximation of the material that I’m reading, though it is not exhaustive. This is for the following reasons.

First, I am willing to read material that I am not willing to link to. Linkage is both a courtesy of respect offered to colleagues, and a tool of the politics of information and knowledge. Google produces a hierarchy of knowledge and truth based on the political process that we engage in. The bigger the blog, the more this matters. Also, I don’t read fucking Kos.

Second, I am lazy. If I have just started reading, or just plain forgotten, I may have overlooked a link. As with all things, if you think that you have been left off in error, a polite missive may be sent to me at I respond as quickly as possible, barring unforeseen circumstances and beer.

Third, I do not read everything. I perhaps should. And I am always looking for new material, as long time favorites hit the old dusty trail.


ps: blogroll is gone until it can be fixed.


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