I’m reading Job for my final tomorrow…

And i’m wondering. At the end, he gets a new house, a new family, twice the wealth, and gains back all that he lost.

Did that guy ever go to sleep ever again? Or did he spend the rest of his days wondering when the other shoe was going to drop and his life went back to hell?

And seriously…what’s up with giving him “replacement” children?

I’ll write something real for Blogging Against Disablism tomorrow.



i don’t usually blog my personal life here…or at least i don’t plan on it.

but i’m going to make an exception. i just got sent the funniest video on earth, a going away memory tape for a friend. and a bunch of my gang from undergrad all talk about him for a half and hour. and it’s just the greatest “you had to be there” humor of all time…in jokes, and gossipy references, and a whole lot of affection shown in a very twisted way.

and it’s made me think about the sacrifices and the trade offs i’m making every day. coming here to Yale Div is getting me a good education, and i’ve met lots of great new friends…

but i’ve had to leave things, and parts of my life behind.

so i’m counting the days until i can be back for the summer.


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