It’s official. Absolutely.

Sly Civilian reserves the right to hold, delete, or otherwise render incorporeal comments for failing to be topical, being spam, using language that someone should have taught you never to use, and/or being annoying. Sly values the breadth of the discourse here and in the blogs in general, and will never delete comments for solely partisan or ideological disagreement. But this is safe space, and any and all attempts to fuck that up will be dealt with. Serious.

Sly uses and strongly recommends the Akismet anti-spam filter, which has made his life 2.7 times easier by taking care of nearly all of the Viagra spam and other comments that said unkindly things about his sexual prowess in the course of soliciting business.

Returning commenters should be able to post immediately, and first time commenters are usually cleared as soon as I get the email. If you have made a comment that doesn’t appear after 24 hours, and there is no current message indicating that Sly is on vacation and should not be distracted from the beer he is enjoying, you may contact him. Profuse apologies may ensue, and/or posting of your comment. If anything goes wrong Sly reserves the right to blame Akismet, not because it fails much at all but because it’s not human.

Cordially yours,



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