Sly Civilian is just that, a sly civilian. Borrowing the term, I describe myself as winking to power with both assent and resistance. At the same time in which I have been radicalized and started to seek to interrupt my own privilege and subvert the systems of white patriarchal power, I ended up at Yale.

This blog recorded the resulting disruption, and now follows my adventures away from that place.

I am a dedicated ruckus maker, queer activist in training, mental health advocate, patriarchy-blamer, white anti-racist, and avid theory wonk. This blog is my time to speak and think, to keep all this work going in the mental shadows of the Ivory Tower. I write under a pen name, and explain that here.

Sly Civilian is best contacted by email.

Alternately, Sly can be found at the Blue Door Pub in St. Paul. Contacting the author in this venue will result in beer. You have been warned.